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Divorce, Matrimonial and Family matters

Because Canning & Co have specialised in matrimonial, divorce and childrens matters for over 30 years we offer unparalleled breadth and depth of experience. We achieve standards of excellence which are not only evident in the calibre of advice provided to clients but also in the manner in which that advice is communicated and implemented. We offer our clients an open, cost efficient, thoroughly professional and yet thoroughly personal approach.

Sound judgement, realistic negotiating skills and meticulous care taken in the preparation of our cases lead to high levels of client satisfaction and settlement.

Some solicitors merely dabble in this area of law: this is our speciality.

Canning & Co insist upon absolute discretion in order to protect our clients' privacy, dignity and the interests of their children.

 We have men and women lawyers to deal with your individual problems and to provide practical solutions. You will receive a sympathetic hearing and sound legal advice.

In this increasingly complex area of the law we provide help on :-

  • Will I be able to afford to stay in my home?
  • What maintenance am I entitled to?
  • How are the savings to be split?
  • What if there are debts?

These and many more such questions will be troubling you if you are separating from your partner. You will need clear and accurate advice to guide you through the matrimonial maze. We can give you that advice.


Since the introduction of the Pension's Act 1995, it has been possible to "earmark" part of a spouse's pension.  It is now possible to split a spouse's pension at the time of Divorce. Since a pension is often the most valuable asset within a marriage it is crucial to seek advice from lawyers who are specialists in this increasingly complex area of the law. 


Caring lawyers who can advise on Residence, Contact, Specific children's matters are at your disposal in this most sensitive area of the law.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence requires an instant, reliable service to provide an effective emergency remedy. The law does provide protection for victims of this form of violence and we offer a speedy, up to date legal response to such victims.



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